SmartNav360 is an indoor tracking technology that provides the accurate location of a Smartphone on a Bluetooth or Wi-F network to sub 30cm. The technology can also allow a Smartphone user to track another device on a point-to-point basis.

PST’s technology communicates over a bi-directional link between two devices (mobile to mobile, or network to mobile), and using a combination of existing technologies and algorithms it evaluates and transmits the location of the other device.
Technology Differentiators

SmartNav360 is a unique solution and we have yet to find another tracking technology that provides a similar comprehensive offering. SmartNav360 technology is;

  · Network Independent
  · Provides distance measurement of the device being tracked to within 30cm
  · Indicates the direction
  · Shows the level - horizontal and vertical position
  · Works on existing network infrastructures, or device-to-device